Over the past 25 years, beef has become much leaner and healthier. Consumers of Galloway meat have long known where to find the best source of exceptionally lean beef - Galloway beef.

It has been well documented by Health and Welfare Canada that it is the saturated fat in our diet that raises low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in human blood. It is the LDL in our blood that is responsible for heart attacks and strokes. 1994 fat content analysis of Galloway meat in the National Sciences Department of the University of Guelph (Ontario) revealed a most healthy composition, the total fat content of Galloway meat was shown to be exceptionally low, in the range of 2% and in particular the harmful saturated fat content was very low, in the range of 1%.

Diets for human consumption must contain certain essential fatty acids, namely linoleic acid (omega6) and linolenic (omega3). These fatty acids, also called polyunsaturated fats, are essential for human cells and can not be manufactured by the human body.

However, linoleic (omega6) fatty acid in excessive amounts can produce certain cancers. It has been recommended that the omega6:omega3 ratio in foods be lower than 10:1. In this regard, Galloway meat is exceptionally healthy having omega6:omega3 ratios of about 3:1.

These findings reveal that Galloway meat is as good as chicken or fish in a healthy diet. A healthy diet should contain a certain amount of lean meat. Lean beef is a good source of dietary protein. In this regard, nothing could be better than Galloway meat.
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