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Motto: Selection for Calving Ease, Moderate Frame Size and Docility

First Big Deal White Calf Crop (1992)

Big Deal White Galloways started in 1991 with the purchase of Big Deal Galair White Lad 67Z, registration number - 14W-. White Lad 67Z was the 14th animal to be registered in Section III of the Canadian Galloway Associations Herd Book. Our first calves were born in the spring of 1991, the first year that White Galloways were recognized as a breed in Canada.

Whiteheifer Cowcalf
Big Deal White Galloway Calf off a
Big Deal Black Galloway Cow
Big Deal White Cow With A
Big Deal White Calf


We got into the White Galloways in hopes that it would be a new way to market an old product or breed, Galloway. At that time the black cattle had been discriminated against for two decades or more.

The aesthetic eye appeal of the White Galloway captured our interest. We hoped it would attract the interest of others. It was our opinion that those interested in aesthetically appealing cattle would want trouble free cattle, easy to handle, requiring minimal care and attention.

We also felt that there was a big market in the commercial beef industry for calving ease bulls to use on first calf heifers. At that time in western Canada there were few breeds and breeders providing bulls for that market. We felt and still feel the White Galloway has everything the other breeds have to offer this market, plus more. The White Galloway sired calves off heifers go on to do well in the feedlot. They are easy fleshing and have a superior carcass. They are polled, hardy and feed efficient. The females have good mothering instincts and herding instincts.


Big Deal White Lighting (blk)

Selection Criteria:

Our Whites have been selected for calving ease, moderate frame size and docility. We also select for all the performance we can get without sacrificing these three primary selection criteria.

We were very fortunate that our first herd sire Galair White Lad 67Z offered all of the above. He had an average daily gain of 3.27 lbs/day on a growing ration. His sire had an average daily gain of 3.88 lbs/day on the same ration. White Lad 67Z proved to be an easy calver. His offspring were docile & a moderate frame size when mature.

We used Galair White Lad 67Z and his son's, Big Deal White Lightning and Big Deal White Blizzard on our moderate framed Galloway females. Most of these Galloway females came out of our calving ease lines, selected for calving ease first and performance second. We are now have females 3 to 5 generations away from 67Z. We are happy with the consistency and repeatability these females are starting to exhibit.


We feel that we can now offer some select whites for sale. Our primary selection with the White Galloways is for calving ease, moderate mature size and docility. Fertility, growthiness, milk production and structural soundness are primary within this selection criteria.

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